7 Lessons I Learned From Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez.. some people love him and some people don’t… I personally love the guy.

I met Tai before he “blew up” on youtube and I know how genuine he is, how much he cares about helping others and I have seen it for my own eyes. From going over Tai’s house and staying there until 5am learning from him, to getting flown at to LA to speak on stage at his events, I’ve experienced who he truly is and let me tell you, the man is a giving genius.

7 Lessons I Learned From Tai Lopez

1. Always Be Learning:

Always be learning. As you probably know, Tai is famous for spreading the message of “Knowledge” and it has payed off for him tremendously. When it comes to being interesting, nothing is more interesting than someone that has endless amounts of knowledge on any subject. If you want to make yourself stand out, know a lot.. Most people stop learning after they graduate.

People will look to you as some sort of superhuman and when you have the answer to their questions, they will definitely want to be around you. Oh yea, and knowing a lot definitely helps when it comes to making money too! 🙂

2. Get Mentors:

If you don’t have someone in your life that is doing what you want to be doing and living the life that you want to be living, then get someone ASAP. A mentor will change your life. All successful people in this world have had mentors and coaches, because they know this is a secret weapon to help you time travel!

Its great to be reading books, but when you have someone that can keep you accountable, its 100x more affective. Investing in a mentor makes it a lot more affective as well because as the saying goes, the more you pay, the more you pay attention. I have experienced the power of a mentor over and over again in my life and I am so happy that I made that first commitment to get one.. Your life will never be the same

3. Go Above and Beyond:

Do you want people to remember you? Then BLOW peoples minds!

If you just play it safe and do the “normal” things that everyone else does, then you will never stand out. If you want to have an impact on people and increase the amount of people that want to be around you, which in turn leads to more poeple wanting to do business with you, then go above and beyond.

From Tai inviting 30+ people over his house for dinner after his events, to him staying up until 5am dropping knowledge, to having hair cuts, massages and ping pong tables at his office,  to putting millions of dollars behind his youtube ads to get in front of the face of millions of people, this man goes above and beyond and it sure pays off.

4. Do What You Know Is Best, Even If You’re Criticized For It:

Theres a lot of controversy among Tai. Some people hate him and some people love him. But he knows what he’s doing is worth it in the end, so he ignores it and keeps on moving forward.

Tai isn’t in it to get praised by everyone, but he is in it to help the people that resonate with his message. I once heard to say “Not one has ever gotten more kids in the ghetto to start reading books than me”. Even though people may get annoyed with his ads and may think he’s “flashy”, it is changing lives and that is why he continues to do it.

If there is something that you really want to do and you know it will benefit people, don’t let the opinions of others hold you back. Your message is more important that that and the lives that you can change are so much more than someone else’s opinion.

5. Integrate Your Life:

If you’ve ever watched Tai’s stuff, you would have noticed that every part of his life is integrated. From business, to fun, to family, everything is connect. Tai has his team work at his house, he has family members and friends on his team and he always makes sure to have fun while doing it, recording and sharing the whole journey to use for business

What else is life about if you’re not enjoying it?

You may not be in the position to hire a bunch of friends and family members to work for you, or live in a big mansion where you can have your team work (if you have a team), but I am sure there is a way for you to integrate your life.. Find that way and make it happen.

Too many entrepreneurs now a days think they need to sacrifice every part of their life in order to “succeed” and that is most certainly not true. If you’re not having fun throughout the process, then whats the point?

Enjoy every second of it.

6. Take “Risks”

From traveling the world to find mentors to spending millions of dollars on youtube ads, you could say Tai is a risk taker and taking these risks has helped him get to the point where he is at now, owning multiple multi-million dollar businesses.

You need to get out of your comfort zone and do the things you know you should be doing, the things that push you to get you where you want to be. If you truly believe in yourself and get your mind on your side in order to look for the positive and expect the best to happen, then its not a risk at all, because success is waiting for you right around the corner.

7. Believe In Yourself

Having belief in yourself is the most important thing you can have. If you don’t believe in yourself then you never step out among the crowd, you will never “take risks” and you will never do the things that you enjoy.

Tai demonstrates this belief by taking the “risks” that he takes, by committing to his actions the way that he does and by always moving forward to his goals.

Focus on developing Belief in yourself or you will never get the results that you are working hard for, and that is a fact.

So to recap, Always be learning, Get mentors, Go above and beyond, Do what you know is best, Integrate your life, Take risks, Believe in yourself.

Comment below with the number of the lesson that found to be most helpful. I hope you enjoyed it.

Aim High,


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