Six Lessons Learned From Lewis Howes

6 Lessons Learned From Lewis Howes

1. Be A Giver:

Always be giving, give more than you think you can, in turn you’ll get more than you ever think you would.

2. Add Value First:

No matter who it is, ALWAYS add value to them before asking for anything in return. And if you want something from them, stack up as much added value as possible, do as many things as you can for them before asking for anything in return.

3. Go Big Or Go Home:

If you’re going to “go” you might as well go all out.. At Lewis’s Summit of Greatness he definitely went ALL out. He had it at the nicest theatre in Ohio, he drummers beating their drums and a light show between every speaker and to end it, he had a concert, with a huge stage put together. Going “all out” makes it easy to be remembered and definitely makes people want more.

4. Don’t Do What Doesn’t Benefit You:

I was talking to Lewis about an online summit that I’m going to be putting together and right away he said “I don’t do summits anymore, it doesn’t benefit me in anyway.” And I respected that answer.

Most of the time people say yes even when they don’t want to an end up either draining themselves or saying no when it’s more comfortable for them, which leads me to my next point.

5. Keep It Real:

If you don’t want to do something or feel a certain way towards something in particular, keep it real.

Saying yes to someone or holding back an opinion that you know would benefit them it the long run may make you and them feel better in the moment, but it will only hurt them and you in the end and they will respect you so much more for being honest..  If you’re not real, you’re fake.

6. Bring Things That Work In Other Industries, To Your Industry

Lewis talked about how he implements this strategy in as many things as he can. This is genius.
If you know something is working tremendously in one industry, chances are it will work great in your industry as well (obviously depending on what it is) and if you are the first one to bring it to your industry, you are on the forefront of it all.

One example of how Lewis implemented this strategy was at his event, with the drummers. He saw this working at the olympics and people love the olympics, so he added it to his event and guess what… It was a hit!

Get creative, find out whats working in other industries and bring it to yous!

So to recap. Be a giver, add value first, go big or go home, don’t do what doesnt benefit you, keep it real and get creative.

If you enjoyed this post, keep your eyes open, ill be doing more just like this.

Aim High,

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